Nitrogen dice review


    Updated May 12, 2019
    Overall score 95%
    Dice game 9/10
    User experience 9/10
    Trust 9/10
    Transactions 7/10
    Customer service 8/10
    Privacy and security 9/10
    Costa Rica
    Min bet
    1 satoshi
    Max bet
    10,000 m฿
    Bitcoin BTC

    Nitrogen are an industry leader in crypto gambling and they have a great reputation. They also have one of the best crypto sportsbooks (review) and poker rooms (review).

    Dice game

    Nitrogen’s dice game is awesome! It’s beautifully designed and laid out with clear and easy to use controls. It has unique design elements such as the circular result display and unique features such as the jackpot which allows for mathematically profitable betting when it gets big enough.

    The automatic betting bot has a good interface but it tends to stall out or stop for some reason if you try to auto-bet longer than about 20 minutes.

    Nitrogen has the equal best dice game of all dice sites.

    User experience

    Nitrogen’s  website has crypto logic integrated into everything. Your account options and cashier are all where you would expect them to be. Although we would like to see a lifetime profit/loss record.

    Everything functions perfectly except for trying to use multiple tabs which can be problematic. The live community chat is great and adds to the overall fun vibe of the site.

    Nitrogen has the equal best user experience of all dice sites.


    Nitrogen are one of the most trusted sited in crypto gambling. They have been operating mostly incident free, with no hacks or lost customer funds, since 2013. They treat players fairly if there is a dispute.

    Nitrogen have suffered downtime from DDOS attacks but these only caused inconvenience rather than lost funds.

    Nitrogen is the equal most trustworthy of all dice sites.


    Unique deposit addresses: Available.

    Confirmations before play: 1.

    Withdrawal time: 10 minutes.

    Player to player transfer: Available.

    You only get 1 free withdrawal every 6 days. After that you have to pay a 0.1 m฿ fee per withdrawal.

    Customer service

    Customer service channels available: On site ticketing system or email. No live chat customer service although you can usually get some help in the community chat or through Nitrogens social media accounts.

    Speed of replies: 30 minutes or less via on site ticketing system.

    Accuracy of replies: Very good, support staff are well trained and knowledgeable.

    Real life customer service test

    Question: I got thirty 1 m฿ free bets playing for the dice jackpot. Can you please combine them into one 30 m฿ free-bet? It's a huge pain to make all the bets individually.

    We regret to disappoint, but our system does not allow for this. Our apologies for the inconvenience but the only way to place these is one at a time.We have forwarded your message to our 'suggestion box', perhaps it can be implemented in a future update of our software.

    Nitrogen has the equal best customer service of all dice sites.

    Privacy and security

    Information required at signup: None, not even an email address.

    2 factor authentication: Available.

    Nitrogen has the equal best privacy and security of all dice sites.


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    The innovative dice game, high max bet, beautiful design, trustworthiness and all-round quality makes Nitrogen the best dice site in the world. All the more so if you also enjoy sports betting or poker which Nitrogen excel at.

    Nitrogen are an integral part of the crypto gambling community, openly interacting with players on social media and running cool promotions.

    Nitrogen is the best overall dice site.
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