How review scores are calculated


We evaluate anonymous end-to-end crypto dice sites on a number of objective pre-defined criteria. We keep the subjectivity to a minimum and use measurable verifiable facts.

Here are the criteria we score dice sites on, a definition of 10/10 performance and examples of things that cause dice sites to lose points.

Dice game

We rate each site’s dice game on several factors including

  • User experience/user interface.
  • Ease of betting such as how intuitive is it to set and change the variables of a roll.
  • Minimum and maximum bet.
  • Auto betting bot.
  • Fun factor.

A 10/10 dice game is fun and easy to use with intuitive controls for all the bet options. Has a minimum bet of 1 satoshi and a maximum bet over 10,000 m฿. It also has a good auto betting bot.

Points are lost for things like confusing bet controls, small max bets and no auto betting bot.

BetBTC and OneHash have the best dice game with 8/10.

User experience

User experience and user interface elements such as

  • Design.
  • Navigation.
  • Layout and clarity of things like betting history and account settings.
  • Site speed.

A 10/10 dice has beautiful web design, easy navigation, logical layout, intuitive account settings, detailed liftime betting stats and loads in under 3 seconds. We test all of this on desktop and mobile.

Points are lost for things like intrusive casino adds, your preferences not being remembered, confusing settings and page load times over 5 seconds.

BetBTC and OneHash have the best user experience with 8/10.


Trust is gained by a long and trouble free history of operation and a good reputation. This is particularly important with dice sites as there have been so many scams, particularly on sites with house bank investment.

A 10/10 dice site as been running for years without major downtime, loss of customer funds, hacks or incidents and has a positive reputation in the crypto ecosystem. It is not for sale nor has it recently been for sale or changed ownership.

Points are lost for things like past cases of lost customer funds, complaints from real users or domain changes.

OneHash are the most trustworthy of all dice sites with 0/10.


There are 3 transaction types we look at

  1. Deposits.
    • Is it possible to generate a new address for every deposit?
    • Number of confirmations you have to wait before you can bet.
  2. Withdrawals.
    • Wait time.
    • Fees.
  3. Player to player transfers.

A 10/10 dice site provides deposits, withdrawals and player to player transfers for any amount instantly with 0 confirmation betting available.

Dice sites lose 1 point

  • For every confirmation your deposit needs before you can bet with it.
  • For every hour a withdrawal takes.
  • If there are any fees.
  • If there is no player to player transfer available.
Betcoin has the best transactions with 8/10.

Customer service

There are 3 elements to this rating

  1. What channels customer service is available though.
  2. The speed of replies from customer service.
  3. The accuracy of replies from customer service.

A 10/10 dice site has 24/7 live chat support with operators who are knowledgeable about crypto and their dice site. Email customer service answers question in less than an hour, with the correct information. Customer service is also offered via social media.

Points are lost for things like giving incorrect information, slow response time to emails, undertrained staff and only having 1 method of contact available.

BetBTC has the best customer service with 8/10.

Privacy, security and transparency

There are 2 main elements to this rating

  1. How much personal information do they require? The less the better.
  2. Is 2 factor authentication available?

A 10/10 dice site allows fully anonymous accounts without requiring an email address. Sites lose a point

  • For every piece of personal  information they require.
  • If 2 factor authentication is not available.
BetBTC, Betcoin and OneHash have the best privacy and security with 9/10.


Combines all of the above elements plus anything that might not fit under any of them, such as bonuses.

OneHash is the best dice site overall with 80%.


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