BetBTC dice review


    BetBTC's dice game is being redeveloped and will be relaunched "soon"
    Updated Apr 28, 2019
    Overall score 75%
    Dice game 8/10
    User experience 8/10
    Trust 7/10
    Transactions 5/10
    Customer service 8/10
    Privacy and security 9/10
    Min bet
    0.000001 m฿
    Max bet
    400 m฿
    Bitcoin BTC

    BetBTC started as a betting exchange (review) and they have added a dice game.

    Dice game

    BetBTC’s dice game is pretty good. You get sliders as well as text input fields to set the bet amount and probability. The result of the roll is displayed in a cool circular graphic which adds fun and excitement.

    We like that the lifetime profit or loss is displayed numerically and graphically over time.

    The automatic betting bot is very basic, it does not let you automatically change the bet amount after a win or loss.

    The max bet is very small at 400 m฿ compared to 10,000 m฿ at the top sites listed here.

    User experience

    BetBTC is not a website devoted to dice, it’s more like a betting exchange with a dice game attached. One example of this is that you have to transfer your own balance between the exchange and dice game which is inconvenient and unnecessary.

    All your account options like time zone and transaction history are where you would expect them to be, look good and work well.


    We have no reason not to trust BetBTC but they are a newer dice site. Although their record is short it is unblemished with no cases of hacks, downtime or any dramas.


    Unique deposit addresses: Not available.

    Confirmations before play: 3.

    Withdrawal time: Instant!

    Player to player transfer: Not available.

    Customer service

    Customer service channels available: On site ticket system.

    Speed of replies: Our tickets took about 15 hours to be replied to.

    Accuracy of replies: Very good, most tickets are probably replied to by the owner.

    BetBTC has the equal best customer service of all dice sites.

    Privacy and security

    Information required at signup: None, not even an email address.

    2 factor authentication: Available.

    BetBTC has the equal best privacy and security of all dice sites.


    100% first deposit bonus of up to 3000 m฿. The bonus is released into your account gradually depending on your bets. That stops after 365 days or when you make a withdrawal.


    BetBTC’s dice is worth a roll if you are also interested in trying the betting exchange. Other than that the higher ranked operators on this site offer a better dice experience.

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