Crypto dice automatic betting bots

We have tried the native built in auto betting bots on several leading crypto dice sites and present them in order of the sites overall ranking.

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports (review) betting bot is fun, easy to use and works perfectly. You set these parameters.

  • Bet to roll high or low.
  • Payout multiplier or win chance.
  • Base bet amount.
  • Optionally limit number of rolls.
  • After a loss whether to return to base bet amount, increase bet by any % or stop rolling.
  • After a win whether to return to base bet amount, increase bet by any % or stop rolling.
  • Whether to stop or not if the jackpot is won.

Nitrogen’s bot ties in perfectly with their jackpot feature. When the Jackpot is over 3650 m฿ it is mathematically profitable to bet. The optimal way to take advantage of that is with the auto roller set to the minimum bet until the jackpot is won.

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The autobet function on Fortunejack (review) is displayed prominently on the left hand side of the betting interface.

It has the basic options of what to do after a win or a loss, when to stop the sequence and an optional limit on the number or rolls.

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Betcoin (review) dice bot is good because it is so easy and fun to use. If you are on a desktop make sure you have a wide enough window or zoom out so that you dont get the mobile layout which is frustrating to use on a desktop.

The options and controls are really the same as at Primedice. The very low max profit of 1000 m฿ is limiting.

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BetBTC (review) automatic betting bot is very basic, it does not let you automatically change the bet amount after a win or loss.

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bitdice auto problem cropBitdice have a basic bot reached by the GO AUTO button. You can set the bet size to multiply on losses but not wins and you can set it to stop once you reach less than a certain balance and/or more than a certain balance.

Unfortunately we could not get it to work. After a few rolls the stake per bet we had entered was cleared and the site would give the minimum bet error message as you can see in the image. A disappointing user experience.


Peer bet botPeerbet’s auto roll is an amateurish misfire. AUTO-ROLL is prominently displayed in the betting interface but when you press it the text “ROBO Dice Auto-Roll Buddy 1.0 by PeerBet” is displayed but nothing else, there is no robot roll feature and no explanation. This is not some bug for today, this is the permanent state of affairs that they actually think is good enough…This place is run by the c-team.

Happy rolling!

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